White House calls out Republicans with forgiven PPP loans

On August 25th, The White House called out many Republicans complaining about student loan forgiveness, by pointing to their forgiven PPP loans. Beyond Satire will tell you everything you need to know about this news.

The White House calls out Republicans’ forgiven PPP loans on Twitter

After the student loan forgiveness plan was put into effect, a lot of republicans had criticisms about it. However, the White House decided to call out the complainers on Twitter, by pointing out their forgiven PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans.

Here are all of the forgiven PPP loans of the congress people called out in this thread:

PPP Loans of Republicans called out by The White House on Twitter
Congress representative's name Forgiven PPP loan amount
Marjorie Taylor Greene $183,504
Vern Buchanan $2.3 million
Markwayne Mullin $1.4 million
Kevin Hern $1 million
Mike Kelly $987,237
Matt Gaetz $482,321

A lot of democrats took out and were forgiven astronomical amounts of PPP loans. For example, majority house speaker Nancy Pelosi was forgiven $1.7 million of her PPP loans, despite her net worth sitting at almost $115 million, according to Open Secrets.

However, the tweets by The White House were an attempt by the Biden administration to call out Republican hypocrisy. In fact, so far, democrats (including those whose PPP loans were forgiven), did not complain about the student loan forgiveness program.

Biden calls out Republicans

It’s also surprising to see Biden calling out republicans as much as he recently did, and defending the student loan forgiveness program. In fact, see below a couple of examples, like when he forgot Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name:

Biden also recently called MAGA republican’s semi-fascist during a speech. When asked about this comment, both Biden and The White House doubled down:

What were PPP loans?

PPP loans, or the Paycheck Protection Program, was a program meant to give some protection to small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since it was meant to help struggling small businesses, the loans would be forgiven if the businesses were unable to pay them back.

A lot of people took advantage of this, including congress people who receive a six-figure salary and often have lucrative businesses. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, donated $450,000 to her own campaign after receiving a six-figure PPP loan, and after opposing those same measures to help businesses survive the pandemic.

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