How Windows 11 is basically spyware

Windows 11 is an operating system that seems very fond of collecting user data (or “telemetry”). Now, thanks to a Youtube channel focused on PC Security, we learned that the operating system communicates with 3rd parties immediately upon installation, even with telemetry turned off and before the user does anything. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this news.

Why is Windows 11 spyware?

Using various tools and a brand new clean laptop, the Youtube channel The PC Security Channel demonstrated that Windows sends user data without users’ consent right after a fresh installation.

In the video, PC Security shows that, even by turning off the telemetry option during the installation process (they clarified this in the comments), Windows 11 is still sending user info to 3rd parties like McAfee, Steam, OneTrust and much, much more.

The operating system even seems to track your location, even if you turn the option off.

Why should I care?

You may not see Windows 11 acting as spyware and sending your data as being a big deal. After all, this is what Google and social media sites do all the time. The thing is that Windows is basically the only option for an operating system for those who don’t want to or can use MacOS or even Linux.

The question of Microsoft not adhering to GDPR compliance has already been raised last year.

On top of this, The Security PC Channel  also did the same installation and monitoring process for Windows XP. Then, the operating system only communicated via DNS with Windows Updates, not sending data to any third parties.

What this shows is that this communication with third parties does not seem to be “essential” and “required” for us to be able to enjoy an operating system. It only seems non-essential but imposed on us by Microsoft. They can steal and sell your data, so they do. Simple as.

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