Supreme Court Leak: Roe v Wade Overturn

supreme court abortion leak

A supreme court leak is not something you get to see every day, much less one that seeks to reduce abortion rights. However, in this world beyond satire, Politico published an article on May 2nd featuring a leaked initial draft majority opinion from the US’ Supreme Court judge Justice Samuel Alito. In it, he declares that the court “hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled”.

Politico Supreme Court Leak: a fiery condemnation

In an article published on May 2nd, Politico released a document leaked from the Supreme Court, written by Justice Samuel Alito. There, he affirms that “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start”.

Politico Supreme Court Leak
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The document goes to some serious length to justify its decision. Alito goes so far as to mention that some people in favor of eugenics were also supporters of abortion.

However, we should expect better from a Supreme Court judge. Bad people liking things doesn’t make said things automatically bad. Nazis like to drink water. They also like to go on the internet. However, neither of these things are bad.

I don’t mean to sound condescending, but it’s hard when this kind of things is being written by a judge of the highest court of the land.

Overturning a 50 years old decision

The Roe vs Wade court decision will be 50 years old next year. 50 years old. Think about it. The decision to let pregnant women have an abortion in their 24 first weeks of pregnancy was done nearly 50 years ago. And now they are choosing to overturn it.

Additionally, Chief Justice Roberts has now confirmed the authenticity of the leaked document. Note that the votes can change before the ruling is officially released in about what should be about 2 months. However, it is unlikely the majority conservative court will change their decision, but only time can tell.

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